Great Date Places in San Diego

San Diego provides guests with exciting creative date nights. Sometimes the weather makes it difficult for long walks, but couples can still enjoy a wide variety of things to see and do.

  1. Culture Shock Dance Center- Couples can enjoy taking dance lessons at this center. Hip Hop dance classes are offered here. After your lesson, you can enjoy dancing with your partner in a wide array of clubs, bars, and other nightlife places around the area.
  2. Harbor Island- If you want to have fun on the water, then this is the best place. Speed boat adventures are offered to visitors for great low prices and the rides are 90 minutes long. You and your guests can enjoy seeing the USS Midway, marine life that include sea lions, Coronado bridge, and a submarine base. This is the perfect place for nature lovers to enjoy outdoor fun.harbor-island
  3. Restaurants- Visitors may enjoy dining in a wide array of dining places around the area that include fine dining, casual dining, and more. Sample some of San Diego’s world cuisines. Enjoy cafes, coffee shops, delis, bakeries, restaurants, formal restaurants, cafeterias, fast-food places and more.
  4. Balboa Park- is great for a date. This is a golf course for golfers, golf club rental available too. There is a cafe located n the course so you can enjoy relaxing after your golf game.
  5. SkateWorld Arena- Skating can offer much fun on a date. This is a large skating arena with concession stand. If you want to learn to skate or already know how, then this is the perfect place for both amateur skaters as well as professional skaters.skworld
  6. Cusp-This is a fine place to take your date and enjoy a romantic meal like grilled Lobster and wine. Prices range fro mild to moderate and guests receive superb table service and great tasting food.
  7. La Jolla Shores- If you want to give your date some real excitement and fun, then swimming with the sharks can be unforgettable. These are leopard shark that grow to a length of six feet. These species of sharks are completely harmless because they have very tiny mouths. These shark waters are open to visitors from June through October. This is he place for snorkelers.
  8. San Diego Backcountry-The backcountry is absolutely beautiful. Great place for nature lovers to enjoy camping, sightseeing, hiking, wildlife and bird watching and more. At certain times, this is an area that is subject to great wildfires periodically.
  9. Canyons-San Diego is home to a very large number of beautiful canyons. Some can be found located in the city limits. Some canyons act as nature reserves, preserves and conservation areas. Some animals and plants in these areas are endangered and can be really rare if seen. Some canyons are found on the coastal strip.
  10. Historic Places- There are quite a few historic parks, places, and building in his city. One place that is registered as a National Historic Landmark includes Fort Presidio of San Diego which is found on a hill near the San Diego River. You and your date can enjoy seeing the Spanish/Baroque-style buildings that date back to 1915.

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